Sunday, November 05, 2006

WestBankMama on the importance of honoring one’s parents and elders, no matter what—a hair-raising story of a major holiday mishap well handled

The haggadah (liturgical text containing the Passover seder service speaks of the child “she-éno yodéa li-sh’ol, who doesn’t know to ask,” often interpreted as referring to a child so young that it doesn’t even register with him or her that the seder night is different from all other nights. But it doesn’t get much worse than this:

“Most of the laws of Passover relate to the injunction that we remove all chametz - leavened substances (bread, cookies, pretzels, etc. and anything containing even a minute amount of leavening) from our homes. We spend weeks before the holiday cleaning out every corner, and we use a completely different set of dishes and cooking utensils for the entire week. We only buy food that is certified not to contain chametz, and many people follow very strict traditions during this time. So bringing a loaf of bread to the Passover seder [which is what her aunt did] is probably the equivalent of bringing an expensive bottle of whisky to an Alcoholics Annonymous meeting - saying that this was a faux pas would be a gross underestimation.”

See here to find out how WestBankMama and her brother managed to deal with this unbelievable situation without hurting anyone’s feelings or breaking the laws of Pesach/Passover.


Blogger westbankmama said...

Thank you very much for the link Shira.

Sun Nov 05, 02:38:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

You're very welcome. Derech eretz (courtesy, being considerate) and kavod (honor, respect) for our elders are such important parts of being a good Jew. Thanks for the reminder.

Mon Nov 06, 06:27:00 AM 2006  
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